Book Projects

Rabbit Pie

Rabbit Pie is a collection of short stories created while studying post grad illustration at the University of Brighton. Many of the tales featured woodland animals entangled in unfortunate situations such as a lecherous hare, toothy badger and a pig that just wants to be loved.

The Envious Badger- The heavenly chorus of those joyous songbirds might have been heard, erupting from the depths of the badger’s belly, if only he had not chewed them so…


The Only Animal that Blushes

The Only Animal That Blushes is a unique illustrated history, picking out twelve of the most perplexing (and slightly embarrassing) cases of human-animal interaction ever recorded.

Man is the only animal that blushes. Or needs to.

—Mark Twain

Mary Toft Rabbit

The Naked Mole Rat

The Naked Mole Rat is a collection of modern fables written by Mark Pembrey. The stories include a business minded gorilla, an outraged dodo and jazz loving elephants.


Fable Sample

The Tale of Red Riding Hood

An unusual ‘mash up’ of two tales, Little Red Riding Hood and Beatrix Potters, The Tale of Mrs Tiggy-Winkle. Instead of a big bad wolf Red meets a the iconic hedgehog who seems to have a big appetite!


Jemima Pate Duck

The title for this short project was inspired by Beatrix Potters Jemima Puddle Duck. The narrative is the monologue of lonely duck patiently sitting in its foie gras cage in a darkening room.


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